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  1. Merry Christmas from all the staff at H S A

    (Posted on 2012-12-24 13:21:00 by tim)
  2. Congratulations to everyone who competed at Wigan today. Some fantastic results and lovely routines. Well done everyone.

    (Posted on 2012-06-24 19:09:00 by Vanessa)
  3. Good luck to everyone who will be competing in the NDP Prelim Competition at Barnsley on Sunday 4th March 2012

    (Posted on 2012-02-25 19:22:00 by vanessa)
  4. gd luck to everyone who is goin to the wigan comp this sunday exspecial to karens littlie's

    (Posted on 2011-06-12 16:58:00 by gemmarosehollas)
  5. Yes Jamie-Lee bit of hard work and away you go call up and see me

    (Posted on 2011-05-11 21:11:00 by Tim Wild)
  6. is it still in greetland where its held ? do you reckon you could get back into it after not doing it for so long ?

    (Posted on 2011-05-08 20:02:00 by jamie-lee)
  7. Good Luck to all gymnasts competing at Wakefield Sunday

    (Posted on 2011-03-17 12:41:00 by Tim)
  8. Merry Christmas to all at Halifax Sports Acro


    Tim Liz Charlotte James

    (Posted on 2010-12-11 22:54:00 by Tim Wild)
  9. Its brill!!

    (Posted on 2010-10-29 20:37:00 by lubeylue8765)
  10. fab website :) :) :) :)

    (Posted on 2010-09-25 13:20:00 by jessica)
  11. cool :)

    (Posted on 2010-09-18 08:37:00 by katies)
  12. Lookingg good is this :) xx

    (Posted on 2010-09-17 12:42:00 by hayleysumner)
  13. looking good!!!

    (Posted on 2010-09-11 10:48:00 by xxrhibobxx)
  14. Looking Good!! x

    (Posted on 2010-09-09 07:38:00 by millieb)
  15. Wow ! well the web page looks good and it has found me here in Australia! Fantastic !!
    Good luck to all who enjoy being part of Halifax Sports Acro I know my family 'The Costello's' have for many years

    (Posted on 2010-09-05 21:42:00 by Helen Town)
  16. Looks good all around, \easy to use and good links, well done peeps.

    (Posted on 2010-09-02 19:18:00 by hank)
  17. The new site looks great! I love the pictures on the homepage too. x

    (Posted on 2010-09-02 08:40:00 by Vicky Proctor)
  18. looks really good lot of thought and hard work gone into this vanessa x

    (Posted on 2010-09-01 20:51:00 by karenmitton)
  19. yeahhh, this is so much better than the old one :))

    (Posted on 2010-09-01 18:43:00 by georgiebarber)
  20. it looks reallyy goodd :D

    (Posted on 2010-09-01 17:32:00 by chloeslater)
  21. Looking Good Vanessa

    (Posted on 2010-08-29 21:36:00 by Tim)
  22. Hi everyone - i hope you like the new web site.

    (Posted on 2010-08-22 19:59:00 by Vanessa Costello)
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